But first, let me style a shelfie!

We love a good shelfie around here! 

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics: how to style built-in shelves. These types of shelves can be found in many homes, but figuring out how to arrange and decorate them can be a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

  1. Start with a clean slate: Before you start styling your shelves, remove everything from them and give them a good dusting. This will allow you to see the shelves clearly and start with a blank canvas.

  2. Group items by color: One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive look is to group items by color. For example, if you have a lot of blue books, group them together on a shelf to create a visually pleasing display.

  3. Mix up textures and materials: Don't be afraid to mix up textures and materials when styling your shelves. For example, you could mix in some woven baskets, brass candlesticks, and ceramic vases to create a layered and interesting look.

  4. Add some greenery: Plants and flowers are a great way to add some life and color to your shelves. Consider adding a few potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers to your display.

  5. Consider balance and symmetry: When styling your shelves, it's important to consider balance and symmetry. For example, if you have a large item on one side of a shelf, balance it out with a similarly sized item on the other side.

At The Atelier, we understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to style their shelves to perfection. That's why we offer our virtual "Styled by Design" services, where we do a virtual consultation of your home, design and select all items for your space, and provide a shopping cart full of the items you need and a detailed plan on how to install them. We can help you create a cohesive and stylish look for your built-in shelves, as well as any other area of your home.

To learn more about our virtual styling services, click here and send us a message to get started! We would love to help you transform your home into a space you love!

Thank you for reading, and happy styling!


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